21 – 23 December 2022 (Wed – Fri)
China National Convention Center (CNCC)
Beijing, China

Why Visit?

With challenge comes opportunity. Now is the time for your business to transform to meet emerging needs. By harnessing the latest Professional AudioVisual technologies, talking to global experts and collaborating with new partners at Beijing InfoComm China 2022. 

Reasons for Visiting

Latest Pro-AV technologies

The exhibition features some of the most exciting, innovative and cutting-edge Pro-AV and Integrated Experience solutions from industry bellwethers who hail from all over the world. Click here to view the list of exhibitors at Beijing InfoComm China 2021.

Summit for Knowledge Exchange

The Summit is the learning segment of Beijing InfoComm China. Knowledge exchange is facilitated via in-depth discussions, seminars, forums and networking sessions with top Pro-AV experts from around the world. Click here to view the Summit program.

Co-location with NIXT Summit

Aside from visiting Beijing InfoComm China, you can also check out a brand new show showcasing emerging technologies like 5G, AI and IoT via the 3-day conference program. Click here to learn more about NIXT Summit.

Visitor Track Record

Hailing from a diversity of industries and backgrounds, they came in droves from all over the region and went away inspired. Find out more about our visitors and how you might be able to meet their business needs.

Visitor Snapshot

Unique visitors from 2021 edition: 37,189

Exhibitors List

The exhibitor list below is Beijing InfoComm China 2021 exhibitors. 2022 exhibitors will be updated soon.

Discover cutting edge Pro AV and integrated technology and that can transform your business operations.